Lab grown diamond rings

Why lab grown diamond rings are trending in 2023

Posted February 9, 2023

The trend for buying lab grown diamond rings has been more extensive than expected and this is projected to continue well into the future. More and more companies are selling and producing these innovative gemstones since they are a more ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable choice when compared to mined diamonds. Find out why they have been trending and what sets them apart from diamonds mined from the earth.

Lab diamond versus natural diamond

When you compare lab created diamond rings to mined diamonds, they are physically and chemically the same. They also look the same and if you wear a lab grown diamond on your finger no one will be able to tell the difference except a professional jeweler. You will be buying an actual diamond and the only difference between the two is how they were sourced.

A natural diamond takes millions of years to develop as it takes shape in the earth. A lab diamond, on the other hand, is developed in a laboratory under controlled settings. They have the same chemical composition as a natural diamond and should not be confused with cubic zirconia rings that don’t contain carbon and only look similar to diamonds. A lab diamond is a real diamond that sparkles and shines just as much as a diamond sourced from a mine.

Lab created diamond rings – Affordable engagement rings

You may be wondering why lab created diamond rings are much more affordable than mined diamonds. It all boils down to the supply chain. It takes thousands of dollars to run a mine when you consider the labour costs and the price of the equipment. These mines are located in different areas of the world so when you purchase a mined diamond you have to factor in not only the costs to retrieve it from the earth but the shipping costs as well.

A mined diamond has to pass through a complexity of various vendors before it lands in the hands of the consumer. It has to travel long distances, through different governments and pass through many continents before you get it. Lab diamonds, on the other hand, have a much simpler supply chain associated with them. As a result, you can expect to pay 40% less on average for lab created diamond rings than you would for mined rings. They are the answer for anyone that is environmentally conscious and searching for affordable engagement rings.

Environmentally-friendly lab grown diamonds in Toronto

Mined diamonds cause a severe environmental impact in many different ways. There are a number of issues connected with mining diamonds including human rights, unsafe and unethical working conditions, wildlife degradation, damage to agriculture, air pollution, destruction of biodiversity, contamination of water along with many other problems. Lab grown diamonds are often grown using carbon neutral and sometimes carbon negative production methods.

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