Most Popular Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings

Posted December 30, 2022

The shape of a diamond is considered to be the geometric outline that you see when you look down at it. Each diamond is cut according to its original attributes and has its own personality and story to tell. Some cuts are classics that have passed the test of time while others are more modern and sleek. 

When you are browsing through the wide selection of diamond engagement rings you’ll see a variety of shapes. There are 12 natural and  lab diamond shapes that are more popular than others, which include the following:

  • Round
  • Cushion
  • Princess
  • Oval
  • Radiant
  • Pear
  • Emerald
  • Marquise
  • Square radiant
  • Heart
  • Trillion
  • Asscher

While these are the most popular shapes used to construct diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings, you can find other exotic shapes that have made their way into the marketplace. These include half moons, baguettes, roses, bullets and more.

Diamond Engagement Rings with Round Shaped Diamonds

Round diamonds continue to be the most popular shape of diamonds and for good reason. They are considered to be a fancy shape and it costs more to make them when compared to many other diamond shapes. As a result, you may find that round shaped diamonds are priced anywhere from 10% to 20% higher than other shapes but they still remain the most popular. These diamonds shine brightly and provide incredible brilliance. This is the perfect shape for anyone that wants a lot of sparkle with an elegant presentation.

Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings with Princess Shaped Diamonds

Princess shaped diamonds come in second in terms of popularity. They are available in both rectangular and square shapes and also offer a brilliant sparkle like the round shaped diamonds. These diamonds are generally priced lower than many of the other shapes since there isn’t much wasted material when they are cut. The shape of the final product is very similar to a rough diamond found in nature. There is more of a diameter to the shape when compared to a round diamond so it makes it appear slightly larger. When you’re looking for a contemporary shape with a lot of sparkle, browse through the princess diamond shaped engagement rings.

Emerald Shaped Diamonds

There are many diamond wedding rings and engagement rings that include an emerald shaped diamond. It is rectangular with many parallel faucets that simulate a layered appearance. They are considered to be a bold shape and appear to be much larger than what is indicated by their weight.

Trillion Shaped Diamonds

Also known as ‘trillian’ or ‘trilliant’, trillion shaped diamonds are triangular and often appear with rounded sides. They are often used as accent stones for the centre diamond but they may also be a stand-alone main stone for engagement and wedding rings.

Cushion Shaped Diamonds

This is another rectangular or square diamond but it has rounded corners and soft edges, making it look like a cushion. It is a romantic diamond shape that has been derived from the old mine shape.

Heart and Pear-Shaped Diamonds

Heart-shaped diamonds are the classic symbol of love and must be skilfully crafted. Pear-shaped diamonds have a teardrop shape, which gives the diamond the appearance of more depth.

Radiant Shaped Diamonds

These are a combination of a round brilliant and an emerald cut diamond. The end result is a cuboid shape and it is often paired with side diamonds for wedding jewelry.

Diamond Shape Versus Diamond Cut

Many people use these terms interchangeably, which is not correct. They both have very different meanings and when you’re shopping for engagement rings and wedding rings, it’s important to know the difference. The shape of the diamond refers to the outline of the stone while the diamond cut takes into account the dimensions, the proportions, the facets and the reflective qualities of the diamond.

Toronto Engagement and Wedding Rings

Take a look at all of the various diamond shapes at AAA Diamonds to decide which one would be best for you. There are many other factors to consider as well such as the cut, the clarity, the setting and more in order to find the perfect diamond engagement ring. Once you have found a shape that you love, however, you can start looking at the overall presentation of the rings. There is no right or wrong answer as to which shape is the best since it all comes down to personal preference.