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The diamond represents love, purity, perfection, and faithfulness, and is the stone of commitment between partners. The shape highlights the clarity of the diamond, which symbolizes an open heart and personal clarity. Spiritually, a diamond imparts fearlessness, invincibility, and fortitude. There is no greater stone to surround yourself with.

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Grading diamonds is not scientific; it's subjective. Most diamonds are graded with the same quality, and colours may look completely different from each other. Because we buy our own diamonds for stock and keep a live inventory for our customers to view and select, our buyers choose only the highest quality, colour, and cuts for every stone. For fancy shape-cut stones such as Oval, Pear, Radiant, Emerald, Princess, and Cushions, the proportions of length and width are equally important for the diamond to look beautiful. All of our buyers are GIA certified and have decades of experience in hand-selecting thousands of diamonds to pull out only the best stones. AAA Diamonds have been supplying Canadians with high-quality jewelry since 1976.


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